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New project: 2002 X5 4.6is

Hello, today I purchased a 2002 X5 4.6is project. Always loved these trucks. Itís Silver/Black with new tires all around. It was partially taken apart to fix the chains but never finished. Itís sat for a few years and we know things like bushings and fuel pumps donít like to be idle. Whatís unknown is if the valve train made contact. It currently partially disassembled with the the timing chain removed and the guides toasted. At the price point and with the condition of the body, itís too nice to part out. Should be fun..(famous last words)

The immediate plan is to pull the heads and see what Iíve got. Fingers crossed yet little hope. Fortunately Iím no stranger to BMWís as I have a 2001 740i Sport and just coming off a completed motor swap on a 1994 840ci.

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