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2004 x5 3.0i and missfire Help

So hopefully someone can point me in a direction of something that I have not tried yet. My x5 runs great idle is as smooth as a brand new car, but when going down the road with a light foot on the gas it stutters and the dreaded check engine light comes on but goes back to running fine.
The codes I am getting are secondary-air hot-film air mass sensor, trimming 02 before cat bank 1 and trimming before cat bank 2.

I have replaced disa valve, replaced CCV, cleaned Iac "all new gaskets well I was there, new plugs, new mass air flow sensor and had it smoke tested to be sure of no leaks.I also changed fuel filter and verified pressure.

I have read numerous thing on this and have tried almost everything, could the secondary mass be part of the trouble?

If anyone has a thought please share as I am ready to give up, but am in to deep to stop.
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