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Diff is off the oil pan

A few weeks ago I brought back a slide hammer from stuff left over in my dad's basement. After oiling it up is still very serviceable and I decided today to have a go at the half shafts. For some reason I started on the passenger side. I bought a 3 1/4" exhaust clamp and attached it to the inner CV coupling. After about five hits the shaft popped out.
The driver's side, not so much! I worked on it for 20 minutes without any luck and then decided to see if the diff would come off the oil pan anyway, which it did. Now I could see the end of short shaft by looking through the diff. However, there is a cylindrical piece in the way, so using a piece of pipe is not an option. I used a hefty flat blade screwdriver and a 10lb hammer. After 3 hits the shaft popped out.
Now I am ready to drop the lower oil pan cover and the intermediate pan and then finally I can start ordering parts.
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