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i've pulled cars out of a parallel parking spot sideways and i'd do it again. Here's a little trick that i use in such cases that puts a lot less strain on the transmission; do it sideways. You not only put less force on the transmission you also multiply the force on the chain and get a lot more control.

I did it that way in this case so i wouldn't block both lanes of traffic; i was parallel to the car i was pulling sideways out of the stuck spot (less than 2' of space front +back to other cars and a 4" tall bump if ice/snow the car was stuck behind).

I hooked up my front EYE to something substantial under the other car, and i drove back and forth about 2' and just turned the wheel exactly like you would perform a parallel parking maneuver. It pulled the front of the other car straight sideways until both wheels were out of the rut and the front of the car cleared the other parked cars.

I can't remember if i had to follow up with pulling the car forward out of there but that worked so well i used the same method (zig zag) whenever i can get the car into such a position.

I've measured 3.8g acceleration on my car that means every time i hit the throttle hard at low speed i'm pushing with just shy of a ton of force through my drive train.

If you can't pull a guy out of a ditch with a ton (literal not figurative) of force, then you might both need a tow truck at that point.

There is a video of a guy using an X5 to pull a semi out of mud; using a 'tug' method with a nylon strap and some momentum; X5 also in mud so that helps reduce the strain on the drive train i suppose.

BMW does specify the amount of force allowed on the EYE bolt and the trailer ball can handle quite a lot more, so I use the trailer ball when I do a straight pull. The front eye gives me a lot more control and in winter i leave the eye installed and my 20' chain and a couple 10' nylon lifting slings are usually also in my car.
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