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Hey Guys,

My ridiculous X5 4 wheel "Self-Leveling" air suspension has been the bane of my existence since I bought this vehicle in 2012. Cost me over $4000 in repairs and hair falling out every time that stupid error appears on the dash.

Well...I totally fixed this FOREVER.

I pulled the trigger on a strut / gas shock conversion from Suncore Industries and I could not be happier!!! My X5 4.8iS rides tighter than ever like a beast, has an awesome height and stance, corners like a monster and I will NEVER AGAIN see that stupid error on my dash or have to replace an air bag or sensor (the kit came with a module that REMOVES that dash error). I had my local BMW Indy swap out the suspension for $800 labor. Here's the kit I bought - the whole thing including my mechanic install was less than $2000...and worth every penny:

$952.85 (will give you back $$$ on top of this if you have OEM air shocks to send back).

Thanks for all your help and advice guys - you have helped me more than you know. I hope this helps someone! Peace!!
2005 BMW X5 4.8is (E53)
LeMans Blue / Black Leather Interior (Comfort Seats) / All Packages / aFe Stage 2 Cold Air Intake / Software Update / Suncore Industries E53 Air Suspension-To-Coil Springs & Struts Conversion Kit w/Gas Shocks & Warning Message Removal Tool
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