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Originally Posted by talljames View Post
...Which petrol models from 2005 have comfort suspension or is this something that had to be specified?
What is "comfort suspension"...or moreso...which suspension are you referring to as the "comfort suspension"?

The suspension systems for the e53 are:
  1. The conventional suspension system with coil springs/shocks/struts
  2. The EHC (self leveling rear suspension) with front conventional coil springs/shocks/struts & pneumatic (air) shocks on the rear
  3. The EHC II (dual axle leveling system) with pneumatic (air) shocks on the front & rear

The 1st & 2nd suspensions listed above could both be optioned as "comfort" or "sport suspensions" with the latter "sport" suspension slightly lowering the vehicle and is engineered (obviously) for sportier handling.

The facelift 4.8is came standard with EHC II. The facelift 3.0 & 4.4 could be optioned with any 3 of the above systems which could be either the conventional or sport version.
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