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Update on Project Io...

I bought a set of rings and got the broken 2nd ring replaced and all pistons reinstalled. No more issues there.

I disassembled and checked/cleaned the oil pump, installed it, and adjusted the oil pump chain. I ordered two different replacement chains for the oil pump, and both of them were exactly 2 links longer than the original. Not sure why. Is the 4.6 oil pump chain unique to the 4.6? I could find nothing to indicate that, though. Oh well, I just reused the original. I reinstalled the upper oil pan and front differential. While I had the differential out, I pulled the driveshaft and repaired the splines at the transfer case. The splines were definitely ready to fail at any time, but I welded the new longer splines onto the shaft, cleaned and lubed everything up. Fixed... After the oil pan and differential were in place, I reinstalled the front subframe and the front suspension. Heavy, dirty work, but I survived...

Yesterday I found some time to get the heads back on and torqued, the rear coolant pipe reinstalled with new gaskets and the center coolant galley cover (which was leaking) replaced. Now I'm just down to reinstalling the the timing chains and going through the timing process. It's not that hard, but attention to detail here is critical. I do still need to rebuild the VANOS units, which I find tedious, but it's always a good idea whenever you have one of these things apart.

I can't count the number of broken vehicles that I've drug home, completely gone through and repaired - both minor and major repairs (including several BMW's), and I still get excited at about this stage. It won't be too long now. This project has been a TON of work, and I'm pretty sure I won't be doing another one, but I do love these cars, so it's a labor of love, I guess...
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