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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
There is no normal current path on the jumper terminal. I am willing to bet just not a great connection during the jump start generated a lot of heat at the connector.
On the 3.0i, doesn't that cable (that connects to the source cable at the jump port) go straight to the starter, and then another similarly sized cable continues on to the B+ terminal on the alternator?

So in addition to the obvious jump starting,

when starting the car, 200+ Amps flow through that junction (where the two cables connect, immediately behind the jump port nut) from the battery to the starter

and when the alternator is recharging the battery, the generated current flows from the alternator to the starter, through that junction, and on to the battery.

I would have first tried to file / sand off any corrosion. Completely agree about any surface resistance at that point being in a great spot to convert electrical energy into heat.
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