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Originally Posted by mejim707 View Post
The X5 is still running like new. I drive 60 - 70 miles a day in this beautiful machine. Smooth and powerful to date. I really can't feel a difference between when I first bought the ole girl and now.

Since my initial post to now, the few issues I've had were;

1. ~200k: Cat codes of death! P0420 P0430. Solved with spark plug non-foulers. Easy job, and saved $3195. You'll need at least 1.5" non-foulers. What you'll find at the local stores will not have the depth you'll need, even if you drill. Get them on Amazon.

2. P0015. Easy fix. Simply remove the exhaust Vanos. Spray with mis airflow sensor cleaner. Toggle the solenoid with a 9 volt battery. (Don't leave connected!) Reinstall.

Thats it! No leaks no nothing. When I was under the car for the catalytic converter code fix it's clean! The way these vehicles are build is truly remarkable. Sure, you pay a little extra, but they can last so much longer than chaperons cars if you maintain them.

I love my X5! 215,000 now, and I will see 300,000 with no trouble.

The ultimate driving machine!
This is great to hear. I am planning on keeping mine for a long time also. I have 135,000+ miles on mine. I drive it maybe twice a week now. I use my 04 Tahoe as my daily. DC streets are brutal on a car.
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