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Originally Posted by svvg View Post
I've done this at home on the driveway - I'm pretty sure there was no need to remove the airbag - but I have also had to remove the rear hub and hence deflate the airbags before - and that process plus reinflation is very straightforward. Releasing the pressure is extremely easy - the pipe unions are only on 5nm tight or so - so no force required - and very unlikely to leak (as the unions are in the boot of the car, underneath the boot covering - so will not have corroded)). Am sure it'll be fine!

Just don't follow the You Tube guide where a workshop guy does it "with no special bmw tools needed" - he smacks the sht out of it with a club hammer!!!!!!! If you crack the hub carrier then it's a lot more work to replace (handbrake cable is a bit of a bgger to remove as they corrode in pretty tight).

To reinflate the air bag - this should be done with the car in the air using INPA/DIS etc - or else you can VERY gently and slowly/stage by stage lower the car with the engine running and it should gradually fill the airbag back up (I've not had much success with the latter method though and end up using DIS/INPA!). The level sensor arms are easy to put on the wrong way round (they have a ball joint/arm which can flip backwards - and that'll cause an error and the suspension to stop working - you just flick it back through it "ark of motion" to reinstall full operation - get the workshop to take photos before they remove them if they're not sure what they're doing. It's a silly and easy mistake to make (which I've done several times...).
Hmm thanks even more anxious now, will hope for the best
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