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Originally Posted by wpoll View Post
Your mechanic won't need to touch the air suspension to change the rear ball joints. Access is pretty easy once the wheel is off and the lower shock mount is undone.

What the mechanic WILL need is the special BMW ball joint removal/installation tool (or an aftermarket copy tool). Generic tools don't work on this particular joint due to clearance issues... Check they have one of these tools before they commence working on your car.
Hey Wpoll the X5 continues to swallow the $$$$$ BUT i guess ignoring smallish issues they soon pile up, anyway via mechanic I trust all went well!, he didn't have to remove any air from air suspension, he did something via the computer he said to lower pressure? and also changed out the upper guide (control arm) links in rear...they had play in em, he showed me buggered ones...
bushings were some 45 gbp for the pair (got em from the uk)
tie rods 57 euros each
labour 160 euros
alignment 60 euros
(plus 300 for starter +install back in dec)
I spend more on the car than on myself....hahahah
E53 X5 3.0d SUV 11/2004 eng.variant M57N Europe Right hand drive N
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