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Originally Posted by LVR View Post
You might want to check the offsets via INPA. If they are out of range (circled in red) then it won't play and setup crashes every time the car is taken across an out of level surface eg angled up a kerb.... also, assuming you've reset the ride heights?

this has been one of my issues... one wheel shows like a -27000 deviation. I got that to calibrate the counts so all 4 wheels are similar, but when I rock the car back and forth to see movement, I only see movement on the rear two wheels. I have checked both front sensors and INPA does see voltage, but it does not show movement when the car is rocked back and forth. I assumed this is due to a faulty EHC module. I rebuilt the pump on this car and the pump is now working like new (as opposed to how slow it was before). It would get extremely slow by 10bar and overheat by 11 bar. Now it hits 15.5bar with no issue and is still below temp.

now just trying to figure out why the car wont sit correctly. Installed a known good used strut for the front driver side and a new arnott unit in passenger front. Verified both front level sensors work, but still no movement on front axle when I rock the car. I have access to 2 ehc modules of unknown health that I can swap. #1 shows no movement on either front sensor, #2 shows no movement on left front only. Any ideas?

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