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Servised my car to a non dealer

I recently visited a bmw dealer for my 2007 X3 159000 kilometres as i was hearing a metal noise from the front left wheel.The chief mechanic told me i had to change front and back discs and rear pads with a total cost of 550 euros, 400 for the discs and 150 for the rear pads.I left and visited a store near my house and changed the rear pads for 50 euros! i asked for a price for the rear and front discs and was told 170 euros ( at bmw 400 euros).
The mechanic had a closer look and spent a lot of time inspecting the car and it needed brake fluids (in very bad condition), new engine and cabin filters, for a price of 44 euros!
It seems that the car also needs new wishbones ( a part not the whole unit) as in braking the steering wheel isnt steady at a price of 160 euros OR new front and rear braking discs.Lesson learned: in older and high mileage cars, find a mechanic to thoroughly inspect your car.
Greetings from Greece

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