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VANOS Intake on both banks - SOLVED

Andrew, thanks for your assistance here. It got me thinking and that's the main thing. I cross referenced a number of articles on rough idle, hiccups and lack of power and found several references to the IVM. After extracting it, it does indeed have solder issues, and though I am not in a position to do a "proper job" on it, I did re-solder the four connections highlighted and it cured the problem - albeit temporarily due to my way under powered soldering iron and lack of solder cleaning skills... It is this relay box of course that relays the solenoids amongst other things including the ignition coils, injectors and servos.

So it's a new IVM for me. On its way now - with me tomorrow.

Hopefully that'll put an end to this and I can clean the solenoids at the weekend and check them out just in case...

X5 - e53 - N62 4.4i 2005
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