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Radio frequency change and map update

Arrived in Portugal and now researching the frequency and map issues. On changing the FM frequency spacing I found the following items (which I believe must be in the CAPPL module, as on the 2009 E70 the idrive is a CCC unit).

RADIO_COUNTRY - ece (werte00)
ANZEIGE_FREQ - nicht_aktiv (werte00)



Tried to find the CAPPL coding options online but can't find a good list. If anyone would be willing to email me a txt file with their CAPPL trace file I would be grateful.

Regarding the maps, after a lot of searching last night, it seems that on the 2009 CCC unit maps are DVD based. I should only need the disks for the EU maps to make this work.

There are a lot of cases with EU based (US spec) cars going stateside but few going the other way and even those, the info is incomplete and often refers to later idrive systems which use a VIN based access code.

I am not sure and I have neither the car at my disposal nor do I have the software on my laptop, so I guess correcting that is my first task :-)

If anyone has thoughts or comments on my deductions above please let me know?
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