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Originally Posted by Serb404 View Post
honestly from the photos it doesn't look that bad but certainly let's get some input from other more experiences members

Man oh man soon time for me to call it day here, but I await in anticipation any respones, the X5 is certainly giving me sleepless nights recently, having spent time in the UK and following the MOT guidelines, I am pretty sure that reg tyre damage there has to to be visible bulges in the tire or the cords/ply visible for it to fail the department of transport test for roadworthiness.....if the cords can be felt but under a thin layer of rubber you get an advisory caution but still pass as roadworthy....not sure how it works in the u.s? or what criteria for that matter are applied or if they are applied nationally or differently per state? but please yes anyone can chime in will be great as i said not looking down at tire, running hand over it can feel the shallow indent of about 1mmm

I can't actually see in their site any mention of fails due to condition of sidewalls, i think being able to slide a finger nail in a crack in sidewalls is sign you need to change tire, but nothing about kerb scrapes (scrapes and not full on collisions with kern may I add)
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