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Originally Posted by amancuso View Post
Great thread! I'll be doing this in the fall on my 4.8is. Already changed the upper timing chain gasket and unfortunately the valve cover gaskets are less than one year old. Saw the parts list, but what tools are needed and where to buy? I apologize but it was hard to get the exact information.

Hi amancuso for tools, the item that you really need is the AGA Tool for BMW, sucker is pricey, about $900 but I think still available and there was another tool by Speed Works I believe it was, great tool, considerably less expensive than the AGA tool at I think $350 ish, but sadly doesn’t seem to be available any longer.

Aside from that as the primary “tool”, you’ll need a selection of extra long needle nose pliers, full metric socket set 1/4 through 1/2 inch drive for disassembly and assembly, I used everything from 6mm through 27mm on the job with a huge assortment of what I call male and femal torx sockets as well. Magnetic pickup tool, metric wrenches 6mm through 15mm I think I used and a BUNCH OF LIGHT [emoji106]

Best place to buy AGA or Speed Works is online and if you have a Harbor Freight close, grab everything else there or a local hardware store.

If you’ve already done upper timing gaskets you can tackle the VSS [emoji106]. It’s a pain in the ass for sure but “fulfilling” when your finished [emoji16]

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