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Originally Posted by dannyzabolotny View Post
Heck yeah! Glad to see you back in an X5, you've always had a thing for those, maybe even more so than me!

Should be some good times getting it all fixed up to be 100%.
Yeah I might like them a lot...
Looking forward to getting this puppy running tip-top and taking her on some long roadtrips!

Originally Posted by BigBlack48is View Post
Way to go!!!! Mine is the same just with black leather instead of the " tuxedo " look!

Sweet ride :+1: :+1:
Awesome! They are really great vehicles The Black Sapphire Metallic is my favorite color of the bunch too... as much as I love the red and blue (silver just isn't for me) I just really appreciate the subtleness of a black SUV. It blends in, unless you know what it is

Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
Nice pickup! Welcome to the aero kit club.

You have the part number for the fog? I was under the impression that the fogs were the same on aero kit and non-aero kit bumpers. Mine have never quite seemed to fit dead center of the fog hole. Having the wrong fog lights might cause that. LOL
Of course - 51190306079 for the driver's side, 51190306078 for the passenger side
Looking at them at first I thought they were the same as the 4.6is style ones since the Aero kit and 4.6is are both round fog covers (facelift 4.8is bumpers have those oval shaped fog covers) but it ends up they are specific to the Aerodynamic kit
I actually just ended up pulling the intact cover off the car to check for the part #... wasn't that bad in the end, after like an hour of digging through RealOEM diagrams. It's hard finding parts for these add-on accessories sometimes.
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