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Originally Posted by SlickGT1 View Post
Lol. I am not at the "smoking a cloud" stage yet. So I won't get the same effect as you. I hope I never get to that stage before doing this job. But the oil leak annoying. I made a shopping cart in FCP with all the parts, and it looks like $450 gets me all the parts for this job. I may even buy the tool. Ty again.

That sounds about right, I had a credit with FCP and I spent about $370 with everything I did to mine, including the vacuum pump rebuild kit from Dorman.

I thought about buying the tool also but before I had a real chance to investigate I was able to borrow the kit. Check with your Indy, mine was open to the idea of allowing me to rent his AGA kit, but he wanted it back faster than I felt I could do the job.

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