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Originally Posted by DacidSalin View Post

Hazard light switch does nothing. Is it supposed to depress like any regular button?
Yes, it's supposed to push down and latch. Another push un-latches it and it pops up. Not hard to replace if it's failed.

Originally Posted by DacidSalin View Post
Air Bag light is lit. I use VAG-COM with my A4. Guessing there must be something for the BMW world that allows me to connect a USB to OBD II cable and have software that reads everything. Guess I can go to Local Parts Shop and borrow their scan tool for now. Hmm, wonder if this is related to the rattle in the steering wheel horn button...
Probably the driver airbag - once it's sorted, you'll need to reset the SRS to see if the error stays gone.

Originally Posted by DacidSalin View Post
Display on the stereo is missing pixels. Mostly readable - is this a common issue with these old units?
Yep, it is. There's a couple of repair options - either a display ribbon replacement kit or a new LCD that includes the ribbon. Not a hard DIY but it take LOTS of patience and care. There's many folk online who will do this for you too.

Originally Posted by DacidSalin View Post
One key FOB. It looks like it's locksmith programmable so if I get one off sleeze bay, it should be okay. Right? Audi requires a dealer visit (there's one dealer in the state of Montana).
Dealer only sorry... for the whole key... while the system IS programmable, it's not really practical for 99.9% of us....

Originally Posted by DacidSalin View Post
Has a U-Haul hitch and trailer wiring adapter. They spliced into the taillight wiring using the blue splice/IDC connectors. I don't like them because it breaks the integrity of the PVC insulation on the wiring and I've seen them fail too many times when I did this decades ago. Now, if I'm cutting in, I cut, strip, solder, heat shrink. It looks like there is a factory adapter with factory hitch package. I'd consider replacing it with a factory one out of a boneyard. U-Haul hitch is rated at 6000/600 LBS, so more than sufficient for my needs. Thoughts or comments?
Try to get the factory trailer module (BMW #61356955253) to sort the electrics- it's so much better. The module plugs into a connector near the battery and the trailer loom then attaches to a connector near the bumper (inside the spare tyre well). Use of this module allows the car to monitor brake lights etc. and disable rear parking sensors when a trailer is attached. It also modifies the ABS/DSC settings when a trailer is attached.

Originally Posted by DacidSalin View Post
Looking for a jack tiedown strap. For Audi I'd go to wolf auto for boneyard parts (they only do VAG cars). I found some places that don't include X5. Is there such a place for X5s?

I played with the silly assist for the spare tire. Kind of cool way to lift a tire instead of all muscle, but there is some gate support bar that's missing.
Jack rubber tension strap is BMW #51717033682

Tail gate stay bar - BMW #51717009683 - which is used when removing spare, is sitting in the floor tray, to the forward right...

Good luck!
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