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Loose in traction e53 3.0D (from Europe)

Hi, in the beginning - sorry for my bad language.. I've X5 3.0D 135kw date of production 03/2002 - manual transmission, 270 thousand kilometres.
I've problém of traction - it seems, that there is some loose, when clutch going to gripping - Most often when i starting on 1st and 2st gear or when on drive the highway on the tempomat and I accelerate with tempomat. Itcan be described like some little yank/twitch before car starts drive.. Sometimes I hear little metal clink from front wheels. Yeasterday i lied down under the car a testing with hands from rera to front:

1.) rear differential - with minimal loose, only driveshafts have little loose/vacancy

2.) cardan driveshaft (from NV 125 to rear diff) - central cross joint without vacancy, central rubber with bearing - little crack on the rubber, guibo OK

3.) NV 125 has little vacancy (i think it's normal)

4.) front driveshaft to front diferential without vacancy

5.) front diferential - little vacancy between front cardan shaft and driveshafts with metal clinks between (little vacancy in driveshafts, but without cranks during steering) - diff no hums/roars

Sometimes, when i hear metal clinks, it happened when i drive about 20 kilometres per hour on gear and push down the clutch pedal and push up..
I've big suspicion on the duallmass Wheel.. Im sos sorry for my english, I'm from Czech rzpublic from central Europe:-)

Thnak you all of us for advices and posts..
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