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Didn't do much today as I'm still waiting on some parts but did code a few features...

Enabled halogen highbeams on with bixenon highbeams
Enabled the windows closing/sunroof closing from holding lock on the key
Enabled daytime running lights
Enabled doors locking after driving a certain speed
Enabled windows to keep rolling down/up if door is opened
Disabled fasten seatbelt warning
Disabled key in ignition with door open warning
Disabled "accept" screen on nav at startup

Also did a reset on the TPMS and that light never came back so that might have just needed a reset

Only warning light left is the "Self-levelling suspension inactive" so I looked into the service records and found that the front bags were replaced in 2015 (rears were replaced last year) and the previous shop to work on it thought it was the levelling sensors that were faulty. This corroborates with what we saw on INPA, as some of the sensors seemed to be providing erroneous data.

I will do a little more digging - it seems to be related to the module, compressor or the level sensors. Compressor I will test next time I hook it up to INPA and if that is working (I suspect it is, I think it'd throw an error if the compressor was faulty and the system was trying to activate it) then I'll try the level sensors. There are no stored errors in the suspension module - and I can talk to the module, and run it through the tests on INPA - so I'm thinking a level sensor that was faulty may cause these symptoms.
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