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Window Regulator Bolts Loose

My driver's door had been rattling for some time. I thought it was from a set of keys I keep in the lower pocket. But last week, the window suddenly got jammed in the down position. From what I had read, I assumed it was going to need a regulator - my first time dealing with that problem.

As I did more research, I started to suspect the plastic clips more than the regulator. I was able to gently pry the glass forward at the back and get the window back up until my parts arrived. I ordered a regulator and two clips.

Today I dug into it. What I found was that indeed the rear clip was shot, the front one is still in good shape. But I also found that the rear lower, and front upper, bolts that hold the regulator in had both come completely loose. I found the nut for the rear one, but never could find the nut for the front one. The threads were fine so I put the rear one back on with some blue loctite, and put a nyloc 10mm on the front one.

The other two bolts were still tight. After tightening the two that had come loose, and replacing the clip, I sprayed the tracks with teflon and everything works fine. I think I'll keep the regulator since that window gets used so much.

Next time I hear any rattling inside the door, or the window makes a cracking sound when I put it up, I will check first for loose bolts. I just thought it was interesting and that someone else might run into the same problem.
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