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Originally Posted by FourPointEight-is View Post
I am having some trouble with my X5 starting. Sometimes itíll crank and crank and crank for over 5 seconds. Then eventually itíll start up. Itís never failed me yet. Also it seems very sporadic. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesnít. It also runs fine when passing etc (no misfires under full load). Does it both when hot and cold.

Once it does start it splitters and coughs for about 10-15 seconds almost like itís gonna stall out and the eventually settles in.

I scanned the DME, found fault codes stored for cylinders 4,5,7,8 misfire. Cleared them, went for a drive and came back but found no stored codes.

I viewed the live data for the engine RPM signal when cranking and found that it does give data even during the long crank. It spun up to about 150rpm until it finally ďcaughtĒ.

The fuel in there is new, I just topped it up last week.

Any ideas?

Iíve heard it can be the fuel filter or the crank position sensor. I donít just want to throw parts at it without verifying what the fault is though...
My suggestion would be to monitor the fuel pressure. It should hold at least 35 PSI pressure over an extended period of time. It sounds like the pressure is bleeding down from a bad fuel filter/pressure regulator or leaking injector(s).
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