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Originally Posted by Overboost View Post
Maybe the OP can turn the key to position 2 several times before cranking to prime the pump/system to see if it is better

So I went to try this today. I turned on the key, waited 5 sec, turned it off. Repeated this twice then I went to start the car and the starter went whirr-whirr-click-click-click.

Swapped out the battery with a one from my bench, verified charging system is working OK (shows 13.8-13.9 batt voltage with engine running).

Got to work, parked the up and 2 minutes later someone alerted me my alarm was going off...

Anyway back to the original issue at hand - even with this new battery that's been on the maintainer still cranks forever before starting. No codes stored in the system either (according to my Launch 123). Unfortunately my Launch won't read the fuel rail pressure. Will report back when I manage to get a tool that can do this.
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