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Originally Posted by twinspool View Post
talk to me bro.. how can you tell you have a belt failure?

I am running these on my truck currently and all seems good except for, like you mentioned, soft as soft served ice cream, of a sidewall...

I see it. I've been getting this slightly worsening body shake. I went to my shop, put the car on the lift and had someone drive it in the air. The entire car fuckin shakes left right in the air when I get to around 60mph, and you can clearly see the rim spin straight, but the treads are not.

This tire is literally 6 months old. And I am about to throw the shit out. I'm about done with Conti. I went through two sets of conti on this truck by now. And none of them were from end of life or wear. Every single one has failed in one way or another.

I've had two belt failures now. Soft as shit sidewall. NYC is knows for its surprise potholes, so I've had multiple tires get torn to shit on the highway. I've never had so many tire failures in my life, as I have with these tires.

Oh, and I don't need all season at all. I started buying the conti tires only because the options were so limited 10 years ago. Now, I look at tirerack, and there are two pages of tires in these sizes.

And the final reason, the snow. There is no more snow. I think the climate is messed up enough, that I might as well enjoy the performance of a summer tire. I have not driven in snow in the X in 2 years now. My winter setup is hanging on my wall collecting dust. I didn't even have one thought of swapping out my wheels last two winters. And if you have ever driven on summer rubber, there is no comparison.

Well damn, it looks like I had a few things to say about the continentals.
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