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Hey Btole-
If only it were that simple!
Do you use Bluetooth with your cellular or PC? If so, you've likely found that there are little quirks in each companies software coding of bluetooth, often referred to as BT implementation. The little fine points drive coders nuts and usually hit the market without being resolved (ask anyone with a bt car if they can use any cell phone with bt, and the answer is almost always nope- they have to choose from a short list). The later generation bt module you get, the better the implementation is, so if you retrofit, search the forums & find the most recent oem part#. By contrast, most aftermarket systems (nav, stereo, or just handsfree) are MUCH more compatible since their sales depend entirely on it.... Until car-makers hear about customers walking out of the showroom b/c their cell phone won't "talk" to their car.... this will likely remain an issue imo.
Good luck!
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