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I have no clue about a solenoid valve on the compressor. If there is such present it's plausible. The system is behaving strange, I've tried both to start it using INPA diagnostic, and it just doesn't want to, and if you drive a bit and it just starts randomly, after that you have all the cold air in the world. Diagnostic says IHKA is working correctly and the signal is given for a start when you press the flake. But neither the AUX fan, or compressor starts. No error codes as well are present.
So far I've eliminated the following:
  • AUX fan (replaced with new)
  • IHKA control unit (has been replaced in 2011 by the previous owner with brand new)
  • Not enough freon or pressure (system was filled and tested in the dealership for leaks)
  • Compressor clutch (it doesn't make sense to behave like this if it's bad)

Will check compressor ground when we lift the car next week. It could be some kind of sensor maybe...?

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