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Another Self Level Susp Inactive thread...

Hey guys, sorry to start another thread for this but I haven't found any answers to what I'm looking for. I've been researching for a while with no results that'll help me. So here's the story....I have a 2006 4.8is that I bought a few months ago. Ever since I picked it up, the ride has been pretty rough, like really bouncy. I attributed it to the air suspension and didn't think anything more of it. After thinking back, I could raise it to the max height, but it wouldn't lower to the lowest height. I had other issues as well and replaced both front axles. I sat on jack stands for a couple days. After lowering it down and backing it out of the garage, the Self Level Susp Inactive warning was on and I was getting no air at all. I'm riding on the bump stops and it's awful. I can't get the compressor to fire up at all. I found a couple fuses that were completely missing but I can't figure out much else. Is there a way to jumper the compressor to force it on? I'd like to replace the system with BC Racing coils but that's in the cards right yet. I need to buy myself a month or so right now. I don't have any diag software to do a reset either. I'm looking into the INPA cable and stuff but there's so many different options for that too, that I'm confused. Anyone have a link to what I need for that too? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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