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Hi mate

Ok, the reality of the system is that anytime you do such major work (and assuming the sensors are back on correctly) you really do need to reset the EHCII module and then reset ride heights. There's no way around it.

There are a few ways to do this but in truth I've found ISTA the easiest and clearest to follow. You clear fault codes, reset the EHCII module and done.

Then you reset the ride heights.

It's likely not working because it's confused ie needs reset due to the pulling apart of the sensors.

It also has the ability to individually raise and lower each corner or each axle independently of each other. This allows you to test the operation of each of the struts and the compressor.

If the compressor is not working then there are refurb kits online that are cheap and easy to do.

essentially it is a process of elimination that will only work if you can reset after trying different things (ie you need the software)

ISTA is available through ebay and it loads on a laptop running win10 and win8 (I've done both). They come with the correct cable and in my case no pin soldering was required.


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