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Talking Well...I pulled the triger.

Yes, you read that right... What did I pull the trigger you may ask...
Well on the SuperCharger Build for the N62 of course.

supercharger - 100%

pulleys - 50%

injectors -25%
belt - 0%

bracket -10%

pipes -15%

software - 20%
100= I have or awaiting shipping

50= have about half of the items

25= working with manufacture
20= already have communication with a company working on finals things

15= have a manufacture in mind will contact
10= there is an idea

some hiccups,
belt routing

bracket manufacture

I will update this as I go. I plan to build mine as cost-efficient as possible test it then re-sale the kit. The price will be relevant to cost.
As a supercharger, I choosed Vorthec Supercharges as they have a very awesome reputation.
E36 M3 95-sold
E30 318i 91-sold
E39 528i 00-rebuild at136K -sold
E36 M3 98-sold
E53 X5 4.4 05-the beast working on a 4.8tu swap. possibly 6MT
E53 X5 3.0 5M/T 01-sold-coming back ETA 22SEPT18 Its back
R56 Mini Cooper S 07-sold. I should have keept it
E83 X3 3.0-the wife's
E36 M3 97 - The new project - sold
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