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Yeah yeah yeah. You can find all the stuff you need for tuning on The big problems are these: the stock compression ratio on m54 is high already, and even though it's a big vehicle, it's surprisingly difficult to find a place to put one big turbine with a reasonable header on the left side of the engine. The sedans put them right up front left of the engine, but e53 isn't setup the same way and there's a lot of moving things you have to do. The AC is in the way, which is annoying. The other way is to hang a turbo off a bottom mount manifold, but you have to do the wacky engine mount thing. Every one of those I've seen on e46 just barely clears the framer ail on a 2.5" or so charge pipe.

It can be done, but it's not easy. ITs my opinion that you have to intercool, and routing is tough with the size pipe you probably need in order to not choke the motor at higher rpm.

You switch to some bigger injectors, get a walbro, tune it up and there you are. You should be able to gravity drain oil for the turbo unless you hang it too low.

I don't think I'd bother with a blower. Those kits haven't gotten any cheaper despite depreciation on e53s. I'd still want intercool because of the compression ratio. The serious e46 people build motor for boost with lower compression pistons (which are available for m54), timesert the head bolts to something slightly biggger, and if you wanted to save yourself some leaks, go to the m56 valve cover and eliminate the stupid ccv.

Oh yeah one other thing. M54 doesn't spin very high, if for no other reason than the oil pump nut will back off if you spend too much time close to redline. Or the pump shafts will shear. Something about not tensioner on the pump chain and bad harmonics..mi forget exactly. Don't expect s54 results. The valve train, oiling and intake are all built for high rpm on the 3.2l.
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