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Can anyone point me to a water valve DIY replacement ?

Well, no sooner do I get the trans filter replaced, my AC is not putting out much cold air. So I connect my Carly unit and I get a water valve error. When I dropped my ‘11 X5 3.5 Turbo off to do the trans filter and fluid replacement, I asked my indy to check and he confirmed the same failure.

I just ordered the OE Part and a gallon of coolant. I was watching a video on YouTube but as usual when the part in question is hard to see, it’s nearly impossible to see what the person is doing.

It appears that the job consists of removing 3 hoses, an electrical connector and removing the part that sits in 2 rubber grommets. I’ve just read a set of instructions on an E38 on Bimmerfest.

If there’s a video, great! If there’s a step by step, equally great. I’ve read one where the author recommends replacing the hoses and clamps starting at the firewall since over 9 years he thought the hoses would be brittle and break anyway and so I might as well plan to just change them.

Advice appreciate....

Ard, you out there?

Thanks in advance
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