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Originally Posted by spyro235 View Post
Do you have any codes? The High beam on our cars are part of the bi-xenon system, meaning it's the same bulb as the low beam, and there's a moving piece that blocks the rest of the beam in low beam mode. Sounds like for some reason, your blocking piece inst moving up. I'd look for FRM codes on the car first.
First of all, thanks for the response.

What's an FRM code?

Using my little Schwaben scan tool, I get only three codes on the car. One for the Comfort Access rear antenna, (the connector is loose); an E729 for the automatic air recirculation sensor, and A6CF/not present : JBE AUC sensor. I'm not really sure what the last one is for, but pretty sure none of this is related to my headlight issue. I would have been expecting one in the Footwell Module possibly?

Using my friend's Autel, I was able to activate the headlights manually, and make each one move up/down and left/right; (including to the high beam position,) but that was at a moment in time when the brights were working.
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