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2003 3.0i - daughter got rear-ended

I have a couple of questions.

My kid was driving and got hit pretty hard from behind by a honda civic or something. that honda was pretty much totaled. But this pic shows why my I put my girl into what she affectionately calls 'Bruiser' : ) I am very pleased as to how it held up. the rear tailgate still works flawlessly so I am hoping that the damage is fairly limited to the rear fairing and mufflers. this car is worth a LOT more to us than the $4000 (MAX) open market value.

1. after the accident, the car wouldn't start. I know there's a safety device on the battery cable that blows out the main power connection in an accident. is this likely the reason it wouldn't even turn over?

2. The hazard lights still work. Do I remember seeing a small gauge wire that bypasses that "accident-fuse"? is that what is power the hazard and other lights?

3. What are the odds that the Unibody and/or rear suspension got knocked out of alignment in a way that will cause problems? impossible to say without a detailed look if I had to guess. (it's at the wrecking yard right now).

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