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Trifecta INPA code 61 Help Needed RESOLVED (I Hope)

My question is; regarding INPA error code “61 Steering angle adjustment necessary”, is this an INPA error as in INPA cannot actually do a steering angle adjustment or is this a DSC module coding error in NCS expert and by this I mean have I not coded the replacement DSC module properly? Or is it something else? Anyone have experience with code 61 during DSC module replacement? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here is some long-winded background:

The dash lights have been a bit of a bear. My 2002 X5 4.4i came with trifecta lights, including red brake light and airbag light on. The only braking issue was a little bit of chatter when slowly stopping. I could not activate the ABS pump with INPA. Error codes were: 15: Pressure Sensor/Pump Error and 90: Temporary System Deactivation.

I replaced the DSC module with one from the wrecker, I coded with NCS expert (I think) and the red brake light is now yellow (trifecta still on). The ABS pump can now be activated with INPA and no chatter when coming to a slow stop. DSC switch can be activated in INPA. The error code with the replacement module is “0061: Steering angle adjustment necessary”. I have done a steering angle adjustment using INPA/special functions. I can move the steering wheel a few degrees out. Make the adjustment in INPA and see that the angle is now zero. I can then adjust the steering wheel to center and reset the steering angle with INPA to zero again. It seems like INPA steering angle adjustment is working, but trifecta lights are on, all yellow and I continue to get error code 61 after erasing codes.

I picked up a third DSC module from the wrecker and installed without coding and got error codes; “23 Incorrect Coding - ABS/ASC module is faulty”, “90 Temporary System Deactivation” and “97 steering angle adjustment necessary”. I then coded this third DSC module with NCS expert and only got one error code 0061: Steering angle adjustment necessary. Trifecta lights are still on.

The trifecta lights are never off with the two replacement DSC modules. I have put the original DSC module back on and when I erase the error codes the trifecta lights disappear until I start driving and they then reappear (including the red brake light). The second replacement DSC is now back on the car. All three DSC modules are from 2002 X5 donor cars and all three have the same BOSCH part number.

The BMW ABS/ASC Bosch 5.7 Table of Error Code lists error “61 Steering Angle Sensor Identification” whereas INPA error code is “61 Steering angle adjustment necessary”.

I get all four wheel speeds in INPA so I am assuming/hoping the wheel sensors are not the problem. I did remove the sensors and cleaned them.

I mention I think I coded the replacement DSC modules. By this I mean that I have to manually install the VIN and GM/SA/VN values. I am then able to get the list of ECU modules, choose the DSC module and code it. NCS Expert indicated the job was successful. My doubt/concern comes from not being able get the VIN/ZCS/FA values from an existing module while using NCS expert. I pulled the values from the instrument cluster module info in INPA

Even more, unrelated to my question, background.

I purchased the 2002 X5 4.4i in late December, 2018. Super cheap ($2200.00) with low miles (54,000). Car runs well. Looks great. Has lots of power and has good shifting. It had lots of initial small issues, plus lots of dash lights. It came from the PO with a BMW dealer repair estimate of just over $4000.00. This did not include any dash light diagnostics or remedies. The estimate included $2200.00 for combined heater/air conditioning repair and $950.00 for a torn CV boot replacement. A visit to a local wrecker for a HVAC Control Module ($50.00) solved the $2200.00 job and a $35.00 CV boot resolved the $950.00 job. So much thanks to Xoutpost for great DIY repair info. The rest of the BMW invoice was mostly service stuff which I also did myself (oil change, brake fluid change, BMW coolant flush, etc.).

I have been working through the issues the car has. Both rear windows did not work (both window regulators were shot, windows were propped up with PVC pipe and wood). I salvaged regulators and the windows are now good. Water pump bearings let go and took out serpentine belt. A used water pump and new belts and all is good. Also found an X5 OEM trailer hitch on a junkyard car. Salvaged everything (all hitch parts, bumper attachment, bolts, wiring and module) and paid $49.00. Extraction took about 90 min. Install took a solid half day. Most parts were good as new, but I had to wire brush and rust treat and paint the hitch and a few of the smaller parts. The module and wiring work. I never would have come close to getting this incredible deal without this website.

Airbag fix was a squibb plug; one of the center prongs was broken in half. Free part from wrecker, error erased and light now gone. Again a shout out to Xoutpost and posters for guidance. I cannot imagine ever resolving this issue through trial and error.

AC condenser fan went. I was able to pull a few at the wrecker and plugged each one in until one worked. A $35.00 fix.

The SLS light came on. I snagged an airbag axle sensor (plus a few wheel sensors) when I pulled the trailer hitch (and a third DSC module). It turns out the original airbag axle sensor was installed with the arm down instead of up (the old arm was warped). After replacement I tried to calibrate the axle with INPA but the system kept changing the ride heights. When I disconnected/reconnected the battery for the latest DSC work the system seemed to reboot itself and the replacement sensor took care of the issue. Something to be said for not over thinking the problem.

I tried to go the ISTA route and downloaded a 170G file. Wrestled with this for a few weeks. Finally downloaded Mike’s Easy INPA download, got a K+DCAN cable and all seems good.

There is some other stuff as well, but I suspect I should have cut this short a few paragraphs ago.

Looking back on the work/repairs it seems like listing the stuff made it look easy, but it has not been easy. There has been a ton of online research, auto wrecker yard repair practice and luck, plus a lot of head scratching. Yet I really like this X5 and it seems to only offer up a problem when I am ready to tackle it. Weird.

Again, many thanks to Xoutpost and its many expert posters. Here’s hoping I can rid myself of those pesky trifecta lights.

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