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Originally Posted by Spaceman828 View Post
Hi All, I'm new here. Just picked up my first X5 the other day. Its a 2002 3.0 with the standard transmission 5 speed.
Welcome. You've come to the right place!

Originally Posted by Spaceman828 View Post
Love everything about it so far except the horrible stereo.

It has DSP and the CD Player above the MID. I have installed a GROM kit before on a 540 E39 and several aftermarket stereos on MBs, but never a BMW with DSP.

I've been researching all the aftermarket head units that look somewhat stock and have a ton of features. Aside from Dynavin which seems a bit superior to the rest (Eonon, Xtrons, Hizpo, Avin, Seicane, etc.) they all seem to be about the same to me so far. Happy to hear why one is better than another if you have experience. I'm no audiophile, but I can tell this stock stereo is awful and lacks depth so I need to replace it, plus I need bluetooth for calling, etc.

I was originally going to just gut the whole system and start fresh with like a pioneer or kenwood and rerun all the speaker wires and get a new amp, but I started to really like all the features these other units have and keeping the OBC is nice too.

So here's my question(s):

Are all these units pretty much the same except for the fact I would need to buy THEIR branded 6M cable to run the DSP? I see prices anywhere from like $180 to $400 so how much different are they really for the price?

Since this is just a spare toy car for me, I wont spend the money on the Dynavin, but it does appear to be one of the best.
IMHO, it's a hanging offence to install a double DIN, neon flashing, boom box in a Bimmer, but that's just me.

You get what you pay for. The cheaper units have slow CPUs and are low on RAM. The more you spend, the better the performance (operational functions, speed etc. - they are probably all similar in sonic quality). The consensus seems to be that anything with an 8-core CPU and 4GB of memory is best, a quad-core with 2GB is usable (just) and anything less is painful...

Originally Posted by Spaceman828 View Post
My only real requirement between all of these is the volume knob, I don't want one of those tablets with nothing but touch screen.

Do you know of any that actually come ready to hook up with extra wiring for DSP and included in the price?
Some do, some don't - check the listing, 'cause you need it.

BUT.. You also need to purchase an iBus USB adapter and the iBus android app (with the extra DSP license) to enable the car's DSP amp to function with this aftermarket head unit.

iBus USB adapter -

iBus app -

The app (via the adapter) sends a coded data message to the DSP amp, telling it to turn on. Without this extra kit, you will have no sound despite everything being hooked up.

A good number of members here have this installed and running well. The bonus is you'll get all your OBC function back - plus a bunch of extra features.

(can anyone else hear that echo....?)

Originally Posted by Spaceman828 View Post
Are these disposable and run like shit after a couple of updates?

If I get one of these, do I need to keep the MID or CD player above it?
I tend to NOT update stuff like this unless there's bug fixes I need but YMMV.

And yes, you'll need to remove the MID and the CD Player unit to fit any of the android units we are discussing.

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