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X5 general (and 4.8is) maintenance problems

Hi all

I've got a couple of maintenance queries on the 4.8is I'm working through and after searching without success would love some comments please...

1. Early in the morning (cold here in Oz) my aircon fan makes an awful racket for the first few minutes of operation then goes quiet. Is this a dirty filter or a sign of the fan not far from replacement?

2. The sunroof rattles and moves up and down almost like a support is missing at the front when the shade is open ie back. The front panel moves up and down quite easily as shown in the video. Is there something I can repair to stop this? It's also getting stuck in the up position (tilt) from time to time...

3. Got a bit of a puzzle about part numbers on the radiator I was wondering if anyone can comment on. Realoem states that the part number to replace my leaking radiator is 17101439101, which is readily available.

The actual part number on the radiator however is a longer part number 17107542787 from Behr. I've gone to Behr and their part number as a replacement corresponds with the realoem.

Does anyone know if there are differences between the two?

4. The previous owner had on some sun shades over the front doors which were cracked and I've removed them. Does anyone have a tip on how to remove the residue with destroying the surface? I've tried WD40, goof off, eucalyptus oil, methylated spirits, orange power goo remover and caulk remover, all without success...

Thanks and cheers

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