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2005 4.4i with 116500 miles on the clock, VSS done at aprox 115000 +\-. Sucker smoked like a freight train after extended idle, 10 \ 15 minutes, and sent up pretty consistent smoke signals even from a few minutes of idling at a traffic light.

Got tired of being "that guy" real quick and did VSS, 1500 miles later and no smoke, I can let it idle all day and no smoke - it's such a beautiful thing!

And yes, my old ones were so hard and brittle that they chipped if I dropped them on my garage floor! Terrible design...

If you do this job make sure you order (and receive) the revised VSS! This is important because the new design removes the "pocket" where oil would build up and adds an additional "sealing" ridge.

I stress this because I specifically ordered the new design, confirmed with the Supplier that they were in fact the new design and then received new OLD stock (old design VSS) that had been on a shelf in some warehouse for who knows how long...
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