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Originally Posted by harvinstl View Post
Hi all, I've just crossed 122k on the original suspension and it seems to be time for a refresh on the front suspension. Only problem seems to be able to find the right springs/shocks because I'm a bit confused with all of the options available.

Do I have to replace with OEM adaptive drive shocks? If not, what would some options be? If so, where would/could be the cheaper price options be?

Thanks in advance for any help!
AD was a $4000 option that was much sought after by those in the know. (Clearly not in the 2nd, 3rd...5th- hand marketplace.)

Say to read someone will pick up a used car and have to report "yeah the prior owner hacked that all out"....

There are no aftermarket or OEM replacements that I know of. Only option is OE BMW parts. (or used)

When I face this, I will try and find someone to rebuild mine. Probably need to ship them to a company that works on race cars, a real shock specialist.

Finally, I recall back in the day the early 1990-92 Q45s with the adaptive suspension...people would hack them up, then finally the car would arrive to a true nut who would restore them. Sigh.
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