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I used these guy a few weeks ago, dropped off all four staggered alloys for inspection (along with a new set of Vred Ultrac Vortis). ARS re-trued two wheels.

One front had a .035 "flat spot" over ~ 30 deg (on the barrel side), and one rear had a .03 hop (on the barrel side).

I bought the wheels used ~8 years ago, had to road force balance to get them drivable, then do a side to side swap during install on X to find the "best" direction of rotation. They were tweaked before I got them.

ARS did a spin balance (no road force) post repair, the wheels are vibration free at speeds over 100mph now.

I would bet NYC has a few good wheel repair shops, I'm surprised you aren't on a first name basis with a few, driving a 2.5 ton vehicle on 20s with small sidewall tires in NY.
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