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Joy oh joy. I managed to get those pesky trifecta lights to turn off. I have been for a short drive and no trifecta, so I hope this has been successfully resolved. This is the first time since owning the car that this feels like the problem might be fixed. A BIG shoutout to AmericanJambo on

I suspected that the steering angle calibration in INPA 5.0.6 was not communicating with the DSC. I had tried using TOOL32 before, but I must admit that I have been uncertain if the coding changes I made to my X5 had taken. I revisited a bunch of old threads and decided to revisit Tool32 to see if I could verify if my INPA steering calibration had taken. It had not. I used the following information to calibrate the steering angle sensor.

From AmericanJambo on
“First load up Tool32 obviously. Then open the group file DSC57.PRG (this is the group file for the e39's DSC). Scroll down the jobs list and double click "test_lenkwinkel" That's it. Done. The test will calibrate your steering angle sensor in less than 10 seconds. You're finished. "Lenkwinkel" means "steering angle" by the way.”

It took a few tries. The key here was to ensure that the car was connected to my computer (check that INPA is connected), then turn INPA off. Use the group file for the e39 DSC (DSC57.PRG) and give it a couple of tries.
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