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4.6is/4.8is Pre-Facelift Bumper on Facelift 4.4i

Hey guys, before I do a proper introduction in the new member section can anyone help me out please.

I want to add the front spoiler from a 4.6is/4.8is to my facelift 4.4i. Iíve seen lots of fibreglass ones on eBay which I would rather avoid.

Couple of questions:

1) Does a 4.6is pre-facelift entire bumper fit the 4.4i facelift front end?

2) My bumper is in really good condition so could I take the spoiler off the 4.6is and if so will it glue onto my 4.4i?

I know itís a curve ball question but someone might know. I used to own a 4.6is and sold it to a forum member so there is some love for them here and a lot of knowledgable guys.

Thanks all!

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