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Originally Posted by n64456 View Post
When I asked the tech at the local BMW indy shop I use, he said there are different specs for AD cars because of the system's hydraulics that control the sway bars and electronic damping. AD alignment was $200; regular was $125.

I also asked him if the alignment values were different for AD vs. non-AD; and he said yes.

I can give you the shop's name and number; and you can throw your snark and condescension directly at them, if you'd like...
Go to and look up the alignment specs.

That shop lied to you one on one...posting to the public as if it were a fact was your call. Happens. In the M world it is common for service salesmen to wind up owners about how 'special' their cars are, as a way to extract $$$.

Just beware. I wouldn't trust the guys you spoke with...
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