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Originally Posted by AussieXer View Post
For the last three weeks I have been running the car with the inlet solenoid on the right hand bank disconnected. Except for a slight hesitation under heavy acceleration the car is running fine. The 29cc and 29cd error codes have disappeared although have been replaced by a 2A63 (solenoid disconnected) error but this does not seem to generate a CEL. The car idles fine, no smoke. Brings up an interesting philosophical point. At what stage do you walk away?
Seeing I have bought them I think the next thing I will do will be to replace all the solenoids. Not sure why just replacing just one of the inlet solenoids makes such a difference. Is the solenoid on the left bank still operating?
Once I have done that I will reconnect all the solenoids and see if the misfire (and associated error codes and CEL return). From past experience I think they will.
Did you ever make sense of your issue?

Originally Posted by mr_robot View Post
I think I have fixed mine finally. 4 days with no flashing cel.

Although my plugs were only a year old done by the previous owner, after replacing everything possible just like you have I decided to try two new coils on the cyl 1 & 2 which were the only consistent misfires codes I got from random misfires.

Since replacing those two it's been running good.

Maybe they were faulty or went bad when the valve stem seals were leaking fouling the plugs.

Through my research the coils are pretty sensitive and even dropping them on the floor can damage them.
Did this officially fix yours?

I'm having nearly identical issue recently. Rough idle, hesitation on slow accretion, runs better when warmed up, seems fine at higher RPM. Multiple cylinder misfire codes.
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