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What the heck is this noise?

Hey people,

This noise (ticking) I have been trying to figure out for a while (attached the video) which seems to be coming from the driver's side of the engine. I thought it was coming from the top of the engine but it's as loud towards the bottom.

I have replaced that side of the lifters. Also, replaced spark plugs, checked out coils. I have even replaced the injectors since I thought the noise was coming from there after I listened with a stethoscope.

The noise does not start immediately after a cold start but it seems to become very obvious after the secondary air pump stops working. Would it have something to do with that? (I do get a secondary air injection error very frequently) Also, it subsides after I rev up the engine.

I have visited my old mechanic and he said that it was probably rod knocking / rod bearing. I listened to many rod knocking sounds and what I hear does not match any of them I heard.

Any opinion / help will be greatly appreciated..


X5 4.4 01
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