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I have found a few articles about standard boost, it seems to be agreed around the 26psi. Correct me if im wrong. Mine was brought as an unknown so who knows what was done to it. When i get time I'll go through a ll these suggestions. My first trip towing was down to nsw a couple of months ago towing about 2t and never had an issue. Ambient temp never really went above 18degC and i litterally flogged the shit out of the car and never missed a beat. I towed another car the following week up north to qld only sat on 100kph ambient around 25degC no problem. Towing the car trailer back empty at 120kph the problem started. At this stage it doesnt seem to be temp related it was my second thought after blocked fuel filter so done some early morning test @ 18degC and same issue. I think wpoll might be onto it with a boost leak but am having trouble finding seals for the charge pipe system.. although torque pro shows automatic transmission over heat and another transmission unknown fault but inpa doesnt.. basically i think my car is throwing a tantrum cause i made it work so hard haha.
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