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I am dealing with this right now on the rear driver side. visible excessive neg camber. and wear on the inner edge of the tire. That corner squeeked badly about a month ago. I pulled the rear upper control arm a few days ago, but is seemed serviceable, with good movement left in the ball joint. However, my bottom rear spring perch (rubber) pad was badly mis-shapen and distorted. You could see from the bottom that the rubber pad was not seated properly in the bottom spring perch. I think either a bad upper control arm or improper installation of a spring or a combo of both caused my problem.

The bottom rubber spring perch pad (BMW Part# 33531093785) is actually rubber and hard plastic. It is not bendable. Once it is distorted it needs to be replaced. None of the dealers in my area had one, so my x5 has been beached for a few days. I will update this post after I replace it, but in the meanwhile take a look at your spring perch pad.

Edit: I see you have the other thread on ball joints & spring compression. It looks like you and I are battling the same thing at the moment. Take a look at your spring pad and compare it to other side.

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