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You cannot tell from looking. Measure your camber.

Park on a level surface and use a 2' level. Put the level plumb against the tire sidewall at the bottom and measure how far it is from the top sidewall and do a little math.

On my tires the bulge in the sidewall is very close to 24" diameter so the math works out to:

Tan (1) 24" = 7/16"
Tan(2) 24" = 13/16"

Spec is 1-2 neg. camber works out to 7/16-13/16" over 24" distance. It's quite a visible amount and normal.

If your tire is wearing it's usually from incorrect TOE angle not camber. Toe should be in about 1/16" on the front of the tire you can test with a taught string around the front and back tires.

Put a 1/16" spacer under the string on the front bulge of the front tire and you should see the string float away from the front bulge of the back tire.

If the front of the back tire touches the string the toe is too far out and will chew up the inside of the tire.

This pointing out toe can happen just when turning if you have a loose ball joint anywhere in the suspension.
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