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Originally Posted by FunfDreisig View Post
Thanks for the advice. But the tear was/is already on the top side of the boot. And the power steering reservoir was almost empty. So this isnít a small leak.

Yesterday AM the passenger side of the lower engine compartment and the wheel well was dripping with fluid creating a good size puddle on the garage floor.. After wiping up the floor, I removed the plastic panels in search of the leak and wiped them clean before re-installing them. The little tear in the boot is the only thing I found that could have leaked power steering fluid.

Funf Dreisig
After you cleaned everything up did you start the vehicle and turn the wheels to see if you could identify the source of the leak? Seems like an awful lot of fluid being loss. I'm thinking it might be coming from a power steering system line or fitting as well.

Not sure how much investigating you want to do but you could also un-clip the boot covering the suspected leak and pull it back and take a direct look at the end of the steering rack. If you pull that boot back and a bunch of fluid gushes out then you've found your leak. Use a zip-tie to reseal the boot and head to the shop.

Hope this helps and you get your leaked fixed asap!
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